last night

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Like the drone worker bee which I am supposed to be, my body assumes that I because I went to bed at 8.30 I should be ready to wake up at 4am. It is wonderfully dark; the streetlights blend with the plane trees to bathe my street in spooky green shadows. I try to imagine there is something dreamy in this situation; instead of pressing my face to the pillow in desperation I lie on my back and pretend I am Scarlet Johansson in Lost in Translation. But Giovanni Ribisi is not lying beside me, nor am I about to be befriended by Bill Murray and have my faith in life’s possibilities restored. I toy briefly with the idea of getting into work really early, and then decide that is ridiculous.As I drift back to sleep I have a brilliant idea for a novel, but it’s gone now……..

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  1. Anonymous Helen 

    *hugs you*

    I very much would like to come visit you, but I am totally, utterly broke.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

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  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

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