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Unexpected knock on the door yesterday. A man from Energy Australia wanting to speak to my flatmate, as the bill is in her name and he ‘needed to give her some money back.’ Good news, I thought, assuming we had been overcharged. She wasn’t home though. Did she know was coming? “No,” he said, they had sent her a letter saying they were coming round but not when or why. Can I sign for the money? No, he insists several times that he can only speak to the person named on the bill. By this time her boyfriend has joined me in the hall, saying she will be back later but they will be heading out to dinner. Can we call him on his mobile when she is back? Yes, OK. Pen and paper are fetched and the number is taken. Flatmate is phoned. Flatmate phones Energy Australia man. Energy Australia man has been seriously dishonest. Turns out that his unsolicited visit was to offer us a ‘discount’ if we signed up to some new contract for the next few years.
Now that I have given in to the inevitable and popped a Zyrtec, my feelings of wanting to scratch off my nose have been replaced by a drowsiness that’s dragging me to the floor in a sea of yawning.
In keeping with my tendency not to discover any new innovation until about 2 years after the rest of the world, I checked out MySpace today and could not make any sense of it at all. Is it just ugly blogging meets RSVP? The only profile I clicked on was that of a 23 year old southern American ‘marine wife’ with two kids and a lot of pink hearts on her site and a lot of ‘LOL, I just figured out what a jpeg is..’ shite

2 Responses to “random”

  1. Anonymous Leesh 

    Hahaha! I felt exactly the same about MySpace and thought that I must have been the only retard not to 'get it'.

  2. Anonymous Ashlee 

    MySpace is quite horrid, and everyone at my university here uses it. It is messy blogging, with more of a "social networking" aspect. Here when the student elections were on, everyone was spamming everyone else's MySpace with vote for me stuff. My profile is www.myspace.com/aussieashlee... I just use it to keep in contact with uni people I have met here, it's really popular in the UK. A lot of student bands use it to publish their music and stuff I think though.

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