Big Brother idiocy

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This is not good for the reputation of West Australian’s. Ashley (man, pretentious mini-beard) is not aware that the earth rotates around the sun. Rather, the sun is a kind of beach ball that the east coast gets first and then tosses over to Perth later in the day.
12:15am Ash is talking about the WA sun. In WA the sun might get up later, but they still have massive days because they live on the side the sun comes down on. From the fan dairy
Intruder Jade’s profile - no comment necessary.
Why I want to be a housemate I believe I have mastered the art of life to some extent. All you have to do to get anywhere you want, or anything you want, is just be what others want you to be. When it comes to important aspects of your life you need to know who people want you to be, and be it. With this theory in mind and my current boredom with life (because I can have what I want when I want it) I want to play the game of Big Brother. I believe with this theory I could win Big Brother and fool all of Australia into thinking I'm someone that I'm not. The whole game of Big Brother is the game of fooling the people in the house into believing you are their good friend and are the type of person they like and get along with whilst also fooling the audience into thinking that you would be a good friend for them and that they can relate to you. About me I love to be sociable almost all the time except if I'm in a sh** mood, which only happens now and then when stupid people sh** me... I don't mean to sound up myself but no matter where I go, what I'm doing or how little make-up or daggy clothes I wear, I always seem to get guy attention. I'm really compassionate towards others. I love helping anyone and everyone, as long as they appreciate it - if they don't appreciate it they know how I feel about it! I think a hell of a lot - this adds to my intelligence, as I am constantly thinking about everything. Every aspect of every situation I analyse in my head before it occurs, this is how I succeed a hell of a lot at what I do, no matter what it is. I always have a plan A, B, C, D, E, F and G. The website describes Jade as a student. I’m looking forward to finding out what she is studying.

3 Responses to “Big Brother idiocy”

  1. Anonymous Ashlee 

    I can't believe you have become addicted to Big Brother!!! Though I do admit to watching a fair amount of Up Late last season...

  2. Anonymous Emma 

    I know. Signs that I don't have a life. I just posted an update on my professional project on UTS Online with the subject heading "God I'm tired"
    Feel like doing Razor's Edge regularly when you get back? We really need regular contributors.

  3. Anonymous Ashlee 

    Yeah I will probably be up for some Razors when I get back, god knows my portfolio needs it, I have done barely any journalism while here... lots of unrelated to journalism radio stuff though.

    I can't believe I have found a hostel in Latvia with free wifi internet! Unbelievable! It's like a dream come true!

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