Domestic Goddess

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Saturday 10:00 Get up. Wash up all pots and pans from last night. Clean entire house. Shop for afternoon tea for 10 book club members 11:00 Separate eggs. Start whipping. 11:08 Beautiful snowy white peaks have formed. Slowly add sugar, as per Best Recipes of the Weekly cookbook. 11.19 Perfect Pavlova mix. Draw circle on greaseproof paper with felt tip pen. For the first time in my entire life, I have shaped my pavlova into a perfect circle. Carefully set slow oven.

white peaks

12:00 Pavlova still white. Meaghan arrives to help set up afternoon tea, bearing cheese and daffodils.

flowers by the window

12:30 Pavlova still not light brown. Lift from oven. How has the mixed de-peaked? What looks like unwhipped egg white floating on bottom on tray. Put back in oven. Book says it can take up to 90 minutes. 1:00 Pavlova still no where near cooked. Busy myself with other fool preparation, hoping it will suddenly harden up. Meaghan distracts with photography.


1:30 Pavlova has been in oven for 2 hours and is still nowhere near cooked. Timing is now completely buggered, as Pav needs to cool in the oven before I can put the mini spring rolls on hot. 1:35 Emergency Pavlova rescue call to mother. Mother not home. No point calling mobile – she never has it on. 1:50 Abandon Pavlova. Notice as I take it out of the oven that the oven has switched itself off, as it sometimes does on low heat, offering a clue to strange de-whipped state of Pav. Start laying out other food. Cover Pavlova tray with tea towel – try not to think about. 2:00 Guests arrive. Make a million cups of tea and coffee. The group, generally, dislike my choice of book but that's tough. 5:08 Guests leave. Drink 2 glasses of wine 5:45 Heat remaining spring rolls in oven. 6:02 Put half cooked Pavlova in oven, which is still hot. 7:06 Remove finally cooked Pavlova from oven. Decorate with cream and fruit. No one else to share it with, so I eat it myself over the weekend.

completed pavlova

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