Motivational talk

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Tony Golsby-Smith is a director of the management consultancy firm, Second Road. He was hired by the newly chosen Managing Director of Our ABC, Mark Scott, as a consultant when the Razor Gangs went through Fairfax newsroom and sacked about 100 journalists. This is some of what he had to say when interviewed on Media Watch last week: We have a model called the ABCD model which creates an intellectual architecture for how to frame the conversations of change. We don't just have meetings, we have creative workshops where people actually map conversations and capture them and synthesise them. We have a process of involving what we call the voices of change, three voices of change which are important in any big system, that is the voice of intent, the voice of design, and the voice of experience. There are a lot of toolkits there, as well as quite a bit of theory which I just alluded to briefly. You can sum up my doctorate as the western world brought the wrong thinking system from Aristotle, which was a bummer of an investment. Lets see if I can do this WITHOUT a PhD: I’m about to think outside the square of my current work/life balance module and creatively tackle a minor systems efficiency issue, having first done a risk analysis of the possible end results and implement a design which I feel will benefit the organisational sociology constructively, independently using the 123 initiative model and synthesizing it for long term productivity. No freaking idea what I’m talking about? I’m going home earlier than I usually do, because my shoulder is hurting and my boss won’t notice as she is in a meeting.

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