Oh, Mum!

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mum & em sepia Dear Mum, You probably cannot see the picture above this text, as the firefox on your expensive Mac seems to be stuffed again, and I am not there to fix it. It's the first photo on my flickr account though. Thank you for being so wonderful and loving and supportive from such a distance. Despite force feeding me fettucini and taking a recent decision which makes me feel very old, I miss you on days like this. Happy Mother's day! Love from your favourite child, Em

2 Responses to “Oh, Mum!”

  1. Anonymous Favourite Mum 

    Dear Favourite, thanks for the lovely photo and messages. The shops don't seem to stock that green fetuccini anymore, i wonder why?

    Hope you are having anice day, and week.

  2. Anonymous Helen 

    Aww. :) Nice post!

    Hello to your Mum!

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