Random Sunday Night Thinking

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I think I've been aware for a while that I'm getting more and more like my mother. I spent today in a cleaning frenzy, washing and drying three loads of washing, buying more washing up liquid, buying a scrubbing brush with a long arm so I could scrub the black mould that forms from the dryer, protecting my clothes from exit mould, folding and putting away three loads of washing, and plotting the carpet cleaning I am going to get done in August because like my mother before me, I cannot stand the stains on the carpet. It feels good to get this done. I am so happy that Anna has been evicted from Big Brother, although I suspect that if I were to be in the house, I would be losing it with a filthy tongue just like her. What was the point of The Office American remake? A genius English TV series, which actually won an Emmy in its own right in the US, and they remade it. I watched it tonight, and it wasn't bad, but the pointlessness of the exercise was breathtaking. Really, they speak English over there don't they? I had a blinding flash of insight on Saturday night when I realised that House, wonderful as it is, is just a poor man's Cracker. Women are more embarassed talking about waxing their upper lips than they are about brazilian waxing. (I'm just thinking this, it's not based on any weekend experience, so there's no need to get all embarassed yourself and pretend the whole post doesn't exist)

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  1. Anonymous Mum 

    Good point re the brazillian business. When I was a girl they used to have discrete ads in magazines referring to superfluous hair (having never heard the word pronounced I thought it was super - flew-ous, as in having seriously bad flu) pubic hair drifting south was of course the "bikini line" but now it seems anything other than head hair is superfluous.

    I read that in japan where both women and men are fairly hairless, a good bush on a woman is considered a sign of sexiness/fertility or whatever and they even to transplants TO the pubes.

    And in Leonardo da Vinci's time women used to pluck the eyebows and eyelids, which would have to beworse than getting a Brazillian, I think.

    Did you read Susan Mauhart's column?- very good this week I thought + good stars for me for a change!

    (Do not forward this to 10 strong women!)

  2. Anonymous Emma 

    I have to say I do get my eyebrows done, and this is usually done by brisk, cheerful Irish girls having working holidays in Sydney who are good at ignoring the tears of pain welling in my eyes.
    I have also had a very painless wax job done by a charming Canadian beautician, who is quite bewildered by the amount of waxing she is required to do, in what she could only refer to as "the area", as Canadians prefer to just shave.

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