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I have been so tired all week. I have been hit by a massive hay fever attack, leaving me, at times, lying on the carpet under my desk bleary eyed. Add that to my developing a truly unaccountable Big Brother obsession, having happily ignored the first five series, although I just had to mute Big Brother Uplate (which I'm watching now) of crippling embarassment for Jamie and Katie, having the kind of naff pre snog conversation that can make you cringe afterwards even when you know no one was listening. Kids, you're in a house filled with cameras. This is going on TV. Anyway, I'm addicted.

In between sleep, taking medication, work and TV I've been coming to grips with the Channel 7 versus the world marathon litigation in the federal court this week, whilst trying not to commit subjudice (that was a three hour class last night), having long talks to a very kind and helpful journalist from The Sydney Morning Herald, editing a radio piece on the subject, which meant I didn't get home till 8 tonight. I've just collapsed in front of the TV with a class of wine.

I've also spent a very weird hour on the phone with Mum, who reports all manner of medico-legal lesbian sex scandals, 65-year-old virgin hermit painters, multiple murder miscarriages of justice from my home state. At least the neighbours will have the joy of being able to watch their kids play in the park while they wash the dishes, when their renovations (and child-bearing) is complete. That's a happy story.

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  1. Anonymous Lao Tsu 

    What has emmainsydney done to deserve a mother who is into astro weirding and general merde? How many ways can she be failed by this perverse parent? - who also is not on hand when the Women's Weekly best ever recipes and oven let e-i- s down badly at the same time - is it all a case of bad Karma? Or what?

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