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Someone I work with, a sometime troll actually, rang this morning to say that his partner had given birth to their first child yesterday. So the anti-christ has come from the midst of my branch. I think it's a sign.

5 Responses to “666”

  1. Anonymous Old timer with question 

    What is a some time troll actually?

  2. Anonymous Em (blog owner with an answer) 

    has been known to be a bit devious or sneaky. I can handle it, but there have been attempts to squish me. It's important to be very firm and not taking any shit from trolls. sometime - not always

  3. Anonymous OTWQ 

    I take it the RW-feeling plays a part in the anti squish effort?

  4. Anonymous Emma 

    Sadly no. it's the person from the pre-christmas "photo incident"

  5. Anonymous Emma 

    Sadly no. it's the person from the pre chistmas "photo incident"

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