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I’m sitting here, killing time at work, with nothing to do because I finished my take home exam early, for god’s sake, and I have put it in my tutor’s pigeonhole can now go off for cocktails with Sarah with a clear conscience. I haven’t finished an exam this much before time since the ASAT in the TEE, and I got really good mark in that so maybe this is a good sign. It was a media law thing. I had to give legal advice on a program that called a politician corrupt, dishonest and had pictures of him entering a gay bar. What are the defences to this defamation? Anyway, I am going for half price cocktails. And trying not to think about the hugely relevant current affairs story with balanced sources that I need to conjure up tomorrow. I’m trying to use the Internet to find the answer to a problem. The Internet is not really helping, possibly because the internet is the problem.
Evidently, I have some web knowledge. I know how to hard code a basic web page in html, I understand css (sort of) and I know what a server is (sort of). My question, to the more net savvy readers of this blog, is this: how do I get my pages that I have designed uploaded? What is FTP? How hard is it anyway?

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  1. Anonymous Helen 

    Okay, you've got a couple of alternatives. Firstly, you can Google for something like 'free web hosting' or 'free web space' and find a site like geocities.com (if it still exists) where you upload all of your html files and images via a web interface and don't have to worry about FTP. This sort of thing usually has some advertising on it to make up for it being free.

    Secondly, you can get some server space that you've actually paid for. Many internet accounts include an amount of webspace so you might already have this without knowing it. For example, with an iinet account, you get a certain amout of space for your own use at http://www.iinet.net.au/~username/

    To upload your webpages to your webspace, you use an FTP client - WSFTP and CuteFTP are two free ones (I think). You can get the connection details from your Internet Service Provider - usually they'll be somewhere on their site, but you can call and ask what information you need to upload files via FTP.

    The FTP client is usually a very basic little program with one window that lets you browse through files on your computer, another window that lets you browse through the directories on the server to which you're connected, and a little button in-between that says 'transfer files'. Select what you want to upload, make sure you're in the right place on the server and click this.

    Good luck!

  2. Anonymous Emma 

    Thank you! you are so clever and helpful!

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