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But I've been ill. Sniffles that started on Monday grew through the week to headaches, blockages, sneezing and the use of 3 boxes of Kleenex moisturised tissues. Finally seem to shake that. I lost all interest in the computer, and found 70 new emails when I went to work this morning. I have read 500 pages of Bleak House however. Meaghan and The West Wing got me through the weekend. I wrapped up woolly and saw Separate Lies at the Verona on Oxford Street, which fed my spririt. I recommend it to anyone who wants to watch something clever, and moving, without sex or violence or special effects. And on my way home I felt a tickle in my throat. It was there again today, although I did go back to work (can't stay away forever) and this evening it feels red and sore. I also think I was greviously ripped of by my too-trendy chiropractor tonight, who spent 5 minutes on my back before sending me off for a reading from the machine PharmaPhad or some such, which read the anti-oxidents in my skin through a small blue torch. I am in the low (purple) range. I shall not be going back, and in future will stick to the nice Koreans in my building who sit on my back and pummell my shoulders, to marked difference.

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  1. Anonymous Dan Stewart 

    You should let others know how you feel about your chiropractor. Find your chiropractor at, answer a few simple questions, and save someone else some time and money.

    If nothing else, you might feel better getting it off your chest (or maybe your spine?)


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